Ensalada de Coditos

Ensalada de Coditos (Puertorican Macaroni Salad)

What’s my all time favorite macaroni salad? Mom’s coditos. This is a side dish you will see at every Puertorican event from birthdays to baby showers to New Years. It’s easy to throw together & can feed a crowd. My kids & I love it so much, I wanted to share the recipe. I make it with spam, but rotisserie chicken is so good in here too!

How I make mine:

•Boil pasta of choice al dente (use 3/4 of box)

•Drain & set pasta to the side in a bowl for cooling

•Cut lite spam single package in cubes, season with garlic/paprika & heat in skillet until crispy

•Once pasta is cooled stir in 1 diced green onion, drained jar of pimientos, 1 diced tomato, 2 tbsp diced red onion, 1tbsp pink salt, 1tbsp black pepper, cooked spam & 1/2 cup of avocado mayo

•Mix Mix Mix

•Add more mayo if not creamy enough

Enjoy! Xoxo


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