Baked Boursin Pasta

Baked Boursin and Shrimp Pasta

When the viral baked feta pasta started trending, I couldn’t find feta anywhere. I looked up what cheeses you could bake & get the same creamy texture. The options were feta, brie, goat & boursin. I chose Boursin because there was a garlic herb flavor. I am a GARLIC GIRL. This is still the best pasta ever & my kids ask for it every few weeks. It’s a family favorite that I will probably still be making when I’m old & grey. It’s that GOOD.

*I used 2 cheeses for extra creaminess, but that’s optional. It’s still great with one!

•boil pasta al dente & reserve 1/4 cup pasta water
•in a baking dish, add garlic herb boursin cheese
•toss in cherry tomatoes around the cheese
•sprinkle pink salt over tomatoes
•add in minced 1-2tbsp garlic over tomatoes
•lightly drizzle olive oil over everything
•sprinkle 1tsp crushed red pepper & parsley over cheese
•bake uncovered in oven at 400 for 15-20min (once tomatoes start bursting, then it’s ready)
•with a spoon, mix creamy boursin with tomatoes ( gently press down on any tomatoes that didn’t burst)
•toss in drained pasta, pasta water & mix well

•sauté 12-15 shrimp in a skillet with 1tbsp of butter & garlic

•top pasta with shrimp & grated parmesan


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