Healthy Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps with jasmine rice

For real though, the bold flavors & all the sneaky veggies here make this a WINNING meal that will leave you insanely satisfied. Meals like this hold up perfectly for meal prep. If you’re making meals ahead for work, add this to your rotation. It won’t disappoint!

How I made it:
Brown 1 lb of ground turkey in skillet on med high heat. Drain juices and bring back to skillet turning heat down to med low, grinding meat up really good with utensil.

Add 1tbsp olive oil & finely minced veggies (1/4 cup each) onions, zucchini, carrots & celery. Stir In 2tbsp garlic, 1tbsp hoisin sauce, 1tbsp paprika, 1tbsp red chili garlic sauce & 4tbsp Bachan’s Japanese sauce (or coconut aminos).

Keep grinding up meat & add 1-2tbsp water as you’re stirring to keep it from drying up. Serve it on butter lettuce with diced green onions, drizzle of Bachan’s sauce, shredded carrots & side of rice.

Enjoy! Xoxo


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