Easy Salmon Cakes

Crispy Salmon Cakes

Hey friends! It’s no secret that I love salmon. I make it all the time. Although fresh is best, I do love how sustainable/affordable canned seafood is like crab, salmon & tuna. I keep a nice stock of them in my pantry and they come in clutch when I’m low on groceries! These salmon cakes are insanely good on their own or as a sandwich. If you haven’t tried a salmon BLT yet, this is your sign to try!

1 egg
2 cans pink salmon
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp garlic herb seasoning
1 tsp old bay seasoning
3/4 cups panko breadcrumbs
Finely diced red onions, celery, green onions, roasted red peppers

Drain the salmon & combine all ingredients. Mix well, breaking up the salmon while mixing. Then grab handfuls of the mix with your hands & form balls. Make as large or small you want.

In a skillet on med heat, add 2 tbsp olive oil. Add the balls, gently pressing them down with a spatula. Brown on each side for 2min (flip gently). Then cook in air fryer on 360 for 10min. Topping options: hot sauce, remoulade sauce or garlic sauce.

Enjoy! Xoxo


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