Stuffed Chicken with Asparagus

Stuffed Chicken with Asparagus and Mozzarella

These Stuffed Chicken Breast with mozzarella & asparagus were delish! One lesson learned during the process of making these, using thin breasts made it a little harder to keep them together. I suggest using a full chicken breast and slice it on the side to stuff, it stays put with a toothpick. Will definitley make this recipe again with the full breast. Stay tuned!


·set oven to 375
·marinade chicken breast in garlic, paprika & olive oil
·lay out breasts & put grated mozerella in the middle
·place a few asparagus on top of cheese then wrap & toothpick each breast
·in a skillet on med heat, coat pan with 2tbsp of olive oil
·cook breast for 3min on each side, carefully flip over
·in a glass baking pan, fill the bottom with half a jar of marinara
·place stuffed chicken breasts on top of the marinara
·pour marinara over them as well (I only poured a little)
·cover with aluminum foil & bake for 15-20min
·the last 5min, sprinkle more mozerella on top for melting


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